🚫 Bad Habit Tracker - Take Control of Your Life

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Welcome to the Bad Habit Tracker, You Filthy Degenerates!

Had enough of being an abusive shit-stain who can't resist blowing their paycheck on blackjack?

Sick of waking up hungover as a dog and finding another empty pack of cigarettes?

Congrats, you fucking degenerate – you've just stumbled upon the exact tool you need to transform from an utterly worthless wretch into something resembling a functional human being.

Introducing the Bad Habit Tracker

This ain't some fluffy, feel-good, pansy-ass app. We're talking about a brutal, no-bullshit template that's going to shove your ugly habits right in your face – whether it's gambling like a reckless asshole, drinking like a fish, smoking like a chimney, or whatever fucked-up thing you do.

Track Your Fucked-Up Ways

With databases dedicated to every scummy habit under the sun – gambling, domestic abuse, chain smoking, alcoholism, drug addiction, cheating, anger issues – you can dig deep into the grimy details of your life. Log events, consequences, triggers, money flushed down the toilet, drugs snorted, and all the friends and family you've pissed off. Don't worry; we've got a special place for the "My Triggers" database, where you can see all the shit that makes you tick.

Join the Party of Shit-Fucks

Hear from fellow degenerates who've been through the grinder and come out the other side. Steve used to blow his kids' college fund on slot machines – now he's merely a regular asshole. Cindy used to snort coke off her kitchen counter – now she only snorts when she laughs. Real fucking transformations.

Time to Unfuck Yourself

Had enough of your twisted ways? Ready to stop being a colossal fuck-up? Invest in the Bad Habit Tracker for the measly sum of $3. That's less than you'd spend on a crappy beer or a pack of cigarettes you chain-smoking fuck.

Who is the Bad Habit Tracker for?

  • For Those Struggling with Addiction: Whether it's drugs, alcohol, or gambling, if you've found yourself caught in the relentless grip of addiction, we understand. This tool is for you.
  • For the Angry and Frustrated: Feel like you've lost control of your emotions? If you've ever lashed out at those you love, we know it's not easy. This tracker can help you find the root of your anger and work through it.
  • For the Habitual Smokers and Overindulgers: If you've tried and failed to quit smoking or control your eating habits, you're not alone. We've created this tool to assist people like you.
  • For Those Who've Made Mistakes in Relationships: We've all lied or cheated in some way, big or small. It doesn't make you a monster; it makes you human. If you're ready to mend those broken bonds, this tracker's for you.
  • For the Financially Troubled: Financial missteps can happen to anyone. If you've found yourself in a bad spot, we know it's tough. Let us help you regain control.
  • For the Ones Ready to Change: Change is hard, and sometimes we need a push. If you recognize something in yourself that needs fixing, this tool can help you make that change.
  • For the Everyday People with Bad Habits: Let's face it; we've all got something we're not proud of. If you've found yourself in a cycle of bad habits and want to break free, we're here for you.
  • For Anyone Looking to Grow: No one's perfect, and we all have our vices. Whether it's a minor inconvenience or a life-altering challenge, the Bad Habit Tracker is here to support you on your journey to betterment.

In essence, the Bad Habit Tracker is for anyone and everyone who recognizes that they have room to grow. We all have a little bit of degenerate in us, some bad habits that hold us back, and it's nothing to be ashamed of. It's a universal struggle, but with the right tools and support, you can overcome it.

It's time to invest in yourself and take control of your life. The Bad Habit Tracker is here to help you every step of the way.

We Know You're a Mess

This isn't some sanitized, cookie-cutter bullshit. We understand that you've screwed up – and screwed up big time. We've got resources like therapy for abusive pricks, help for gamblers who can't stop rolling the dice, and support for all you drug-abusing shit-fucks.

Embrace the Challenge

At ExtyCreate, we don't care how you got here, but we give a shit about where you're going. Let's face it; you're not going to transform overnight. But if you're sick of being a bottom-feeding, degenerate asshole, then it's time to invest in something that might just save your worthless ass.

Start Your Transformation, You Fucking Degenerate

Quit the bullshit and take control of your life with the Bad Habit Tracker. Grab it now, before we run out, or decide you're too much of a lost cause. It's your life; unfuck it.

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🚫 Bad Habit Tracker - Take Control of Your Life

3 ratings
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