💳 Subscription Tracker Notion Template

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Save money with this Subscription Tracker by knowing exactly what subscriptions you have and how much they cost you.

I forget about half of the subscriptions I sign up for.

I get it..

We all get too excited signing up for a lot of free trials and later cry about slim wallets.

You look at your credit card. Do you try to figure out what the hell is that charge?

You dig a bit deeper and realize that the streaming app you never used has been draining your account for a few years now.

This happened to me just too many times.

You can’t expect yourself to simply remember which subscriptions you are paying for. You need a system.

Some of them are monthly, others are annual.

Some of them send you billing notifications, others - don’t. 🤫

How do you have to keep up with all those recurring charges in your head?

If you want to be more mindful about your recurring spending, you need proper tools for it.

With this tool, you can manage all your subscriptions in one easy-to-use Notion platform, and save money each month by never overspending.

This Subscription Tracker will be a great addition to your Notion workspace.

Easy-to-use tools like this one are essential to keep your life organized and have your spending under control.

Organize your recurring subscriptions by groups, billing cycle, amounts, and more - Notion makes it easy to keep all your subscriptions in check with minimum effort.

Now with Notion AI

Use Notion AI to brainstorm ideas on how you can negotiate your bill decrease!

* Must have Notion AI subscription.

Duplicate this Notion template today and start saving money immediately!

What’s included?

Here's what this Dashboard offers you:

✅ Monthly subscriptions - input your monthly bills into a simple database

✅ Annual/Quarterly billing - choose how often you are being billed

✅ Table of expenses - see all your expenses by type

✅ Next Due Date - automatically calculate the next due date by cycle

✅ Yearly cost calculation - see how much you have spent in total over the year

✅ Active/Inactive/Lifetime - various kinds of subscriptions are covered

✅ Easy to use - simple and straightforward design for easy navigation

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💳 Subscription Tracker Notion Template

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