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Oh, the time I saved...

This is me enjoying all the time I didn't waste when looking for the square footage of my basement apartment.

Do you know how hard is it to find the exact square footage of your property?

It took me 2 hours to find the exact square footage of my unit.

Sunday morning - ruined.

Where do I even search for the house blueprints?

Redfin or Realtor websites are not that accurate.

My wife doesn't know either.

Can't find it anywhere in my notes.

City Hall can't tell either - they are closed for the weekend.

Even my property manager does not know.

It took me a few hours to dig through all my paperwork I never even knew existed.

A few hours that I could have spent on a lake smiling like Ron Swanson.

Now I'm different

All it took - is a simple Notion database that now holds all the info about each of my units.

  • Full address?
  • What year was it built?
  • What's the size?
  • Who's the tenant?
  • What's the application status?

Everything is now at my fingertips in one table, nicely integrated with all my other real estate databases.

Now, when I need to quickly find my HOA monthly amount for a multi-family I own - I know exactly where I can find this info.

How I have all the time for myself, and I am spending it wisely (video games, mostly)

This is an essential database you want to have in your Notion tool belt!

So, for the first time ever, I invite you to learn how you can create one yourself!

I've compiled a step-by-step tutorial that I want you to check out.

It's free, and I'm teaching you everything about how you can create a real estate portfolio tracker yourself!

Click here to learn how to create a Property Portfolio tracker in Notion ->

I hope you like this lesson. It is subject to change, and I will expand on it over time, so make sure you check it periodically.

Happy Tuesday,


P.S. I recently opened a Notion Consultant practice. If you ever need to solve a Notion problem, create a new database, or integration - you can request a consultation with me. Don't be shy - reach out and see how I can help your business.


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